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26 ıdeas for a black garden house ın a natural settıng, perfect for small spaces

Living in a small house isn’t unhappy. The more you are in the midst of the green nature of the forest. It makes the residents feel happy and relaxed. Today, let’s take a look at a small house or cabin. that we collect in a variety of styles There is a patio to support activities and relaxation, whether staying as a person or as a couple, it still feels comfortable and not uncomfortable.

Simple, light, elemental and minimal: this will be the sustainable houses of tomorrow Less materials, less energy, less waste. The architecture we need the most shows that subtraction sometimes adds up, especially when it comes to ensuring the future of the planet.

It is estimated that since the 1970s, the demand for resources associated with today’s lifestyles has exceeded the Earth’s biological capacity to satisfy it. A new type of architecture is urgently needed to help reverse this situation.

it will be possible to conceive easily removable buildings, in which their parts can be simply add and remove without damaging the building or its components. They will be constructions that will generate less waste since they themselves will be banks of valuable materials that can be repaired, reused and recovered for new projects.

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