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Beautiful Relaxing House Designs Build In Open Nature

Along with the interior design, design for the exterior part also plays a very important role. So, if you are looking for impressive exterior designs for your home, you are in the right place. Here, we have added some fascinating exterior designs for home. So, check out the following points:

  • Get Your Home Paired With Dutch Gable Roof: In the 21stcentury, achieve a rustic exterior look by pairing your house with a Dutch gable roof and along with it, you can have a dark blue coloured texture over it. You can also have glass windows for better insulation and if we talk about the door, you can have a glass door with white coloured wooden frame alongside it. If you have an extended area in front of your house, you can use it as an open corridor in order to experience the fresh natural aroma. For the floor of your open corridor, you can use hardwood layout with dark-colored finish over it. For making your home clean, you can also have a blur colored cylinder shaped dustbin in the corner of your open corridor.
  • Make The Indoor Ambiance Natural By Having A Dormer Roof: If you want to achieve a unique exterior design for your house, get your house paired with a dormer roof. In such a scenario, you will have an extended window on the first floor and through this; the natural light can easily enter into your house and provide a natural touch to the indoor ambiance. If we talk about the color of your roof, you can go with a rich brown color so that it can easily soak the sunlight and generate an awesome exterior view. If we talk about the exterior wall, the best option that goes well with such kind of roof will be a wooden wall. So, get your house covered with a wooden wall and for having a more elegant exterior design, you can have a semi-glossy finish over the exterior wall. If you have an adequate amount of space in the yard, you can decorate it with a wooden chaise lounge that will allow you to take rest sitting in the lap of nature. For giving the exterior part a more natural look, you can plant various colorful outdoor plants.
  • Have A Red Coloured Front Gable Roof In Your House: Give your house a simple exterior look by having a red-colored front gable roof. Red is a very fascinating color and therefore, you can easily make a long-lasting impression upon your guests with this roof. You can also have brick layered texture over the roof and for the exterior wall, you can go with red-colored bricks with attractive rectangular texture over it. If you have an adequate amount of area in the yard, you can simply make it a sitting space by installing some cozy wooden chairs and a wooden table in the center. For the ground, you can have a wooden surface and for giving it an enchanting look, you can have a semi-glossy finish over it.

So, these are some ideas that you can have to make the exterior design attractive.


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